About Us
HBCU Promotionals specializes in printing a diverse array of promotional items. The core products are apparels such as t-shirts, tote bags, banners, yard signs and hats. We produce quality special order products on a timely basis. Key customers include churches(local and out of state), sororities and fraternities, and civic and corporate organizations, family reunions.

The company has created a line of promotional products directed to persons who, directly or indirectly, support Historically Black Colleges and Universities(HBCU). A percentage from the sale of these products fund a scholarship program that assists students with financial support (Books, tuition). Funds are also be donated to the colleges
and universities through the alumni associations. The goals of this unique product line are to increase awareness, promote financial support, provide attractive, quality HBCU apparel and promotional products, establish a long-term vehicle through which HBCU’s can be supported, operate soundly and profitably and maintain a quality image of HBCU.

We are committed to assisting Historically Black Colleges and Universities in all aspects of fundraising. HBCU Promotional is also in a number of Community project.
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